built acycle

  1. built acycle

    hello guys ! i need agood advice for acycle using the next stuff - decaplex275 , sustaplex325 , sustagen300 , decagen300 , methanabol10 mg , oxydroll , t3 . if someone is aboared and want to help me with building agreat and quality cycle using those stuff (it should be enugff for 8-9 weeks) i'll be appriciate that alot and we'll be gratefull for that . thank you guys for anything anyway .

  2. This is pretty difficult for a number of reasons. Firstly you haven't posted your stats, AAS experience or goals.

    Secondly you have just supplied the brands of a number of underground labs steroids without the drug names.

    It sounds like you have a testosterone blend, deca durabolin, dianabol, anadrol and T3.

    Assuming your a beginner you should try 30 mg ED of methanabol (dianabol) from weeks 1-4 and ~500 mg of sustaplex325 (testosterone blend) in 0.75 CC injections twice a week from weeks 1-10.

    If you can procure some arimidex it's also advised to incorporate 0.25 mg of arimidex EOD to minimise water retention and estrogenic side effects.

    For PCT you need 20 mg ED of nolvadex from weeks 12-16.

    The above is a solid cycle for a beginner, but if your more advanced perhaps you could include some of the details I mentioned and others could offer some suggestions.

  3. thank you very much bro . i've was follow your suggestion :
    hello , sssup ? i need some good advice with building a good cylce plann . i'n not abegginer , i'm use to do cycles since 4-5 years ago but in the last year i havn't took any stuff .
    i'm weghting 195 pounds and i'm 6''2 high .
    The stuff that i'm gonna use for my cycle are -
    *Methandienone 10mg pills (250pices)
    *nandrolone 275mg - 1 x 10 ml (275mg/ml)
    *sustaplex 325 - 1 x 10 ml (325mg/ml) - a testosteron mix : 30mg/ml Testosterone Acetate , 50mg/ml Testosterone Propionate, 50mg/ml Testosterone Phenylpropionate ,50mg/ml Phenylpropionate , 90 mg/ml Testosterone Cypionate , 105mg/ml Testosterone Decanoate
    *sustagen - 1 x 10 ml (300mg/ml) - another testosteron mix : 50mg propionate, 50mg phenylpropionate , 100mg cypionate, 100mg decanoate
    *decagen - nandrolone300 - 1 x 10 ml (300mg/ml)
    *T3 (unlimited pices)
    *oxydroll 50mg pills (50 pices)

    my goals are to get huge and t. really really big and toned. i want to gain gain a abig amounts of muscle mass with vains on my skin .
    if is there someone that can help me with writing agood cycle plann for 8 weeks , i'll be more than appriciate that and very gratefull . thank you very much every one for anything !

  4. You obviously need to do some more research, but as a guideline you don't run testosterone cycles for less than 10 weeks.

    Since your a beginner the cycle I mentioned in my former post is appropriate and should yield approximately 22 pounds provided you eat 30 calories per a pound of body weight and 40% protein.

    If you count calories that's excellent but if you don't just ensure you have a protein shake with every meal and eat at least 5 times a day.

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