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  1. Question Not your typical Epi thread

    My LDL cholesterol is high +200 and I am returning to my low/no carb diet, Palumbo!

    Wanted to know if adding Epi would help or hinder my Cholesterol lowering quest? I have read it "effects" it, but they didn't say in what way. i read one thread where it went up only 9 points. I would assume raise it, but I have never used Epi.

    If it could help on the Palumbo diet, to pulse or not?

    My entire concern is lowering Cholesterol.

  2. is the palumbo diet that effective at lowering cholesterol? i would stay away from his recomended red meat meals and stick with the clean stuff...mabye up his recomended dosage of three grams fish oil a day too...but probably should stay away from the havoc for a while till you get this under control.

  3. After doing the Anabolic diet and going crazy with saturated fat for about 3 months, my cholesterol went down 10 points, from 200 to 190.

    Were you saying Epi has been reported to lower cholesterol?

  4. I believe that epi or any steriod is going to give favorable cholesterol levels. Run proper support will help some.
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