Drinking winnie, Can I mix it in Juice?

  1. Drinking winnie, Can I mix it in Juice?

    I heard mixing liquid winnie in juice or anything will break down the product itself. Is this true? Should I just drink it straight up? With or without a chaser?

    Thanks in advance! PS, I did a search and didnt come up with mixing winnie with juice or a drink or somesort to dilute the taste.

  2. no experience here, but with most nasty tasting things....just drink it and chase with water or just pin it

  3. shotglass with some OJ does the trick for me, it tastes like **** i agree.

  4. Yep I used to mix it in OJ all the time the acidty kills the taste
    alot better than water

  5. this is something i dont understand...why buy liquid winny and drink it when they make it in an oral form? is it because you have better access to it or price?

    sorry to hijack btw, i just dont understand this

  6. don't waste that injectable winny...i've done both the oral and the injectable and you will be much better results injecting...just my two cents tho

  7. i dont have access to the tabs and my glutes are killin me. I have to finish up the rest of what I got and heard drinking it was ok altho I may need to up the dose to insure Im getting atleast 50 per dose. Believe me, I'd rather continue with pins but my glutes cant take it anymore. lol I will try the shot glass of OJ to chase. Thanks all.

  8. drinking it is just fine and just as effective...safer in my opinion...no risk of infection. id squirt the winn then chase with oj.

  9. It does taste horrible but Its do-able. I just chased with a little bit of water to insure it will be 100% in my belly. So far so good.


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