Anyone tried using hypnosis before training?

  1. Red face Anyone tried using hypnosis before training?

    Anyone tried using hypnosis before training? I cannot use roids because of an old kidney problem which resulted from too much d-bol, but I love my sport, and need some more progress. I would like to compete in a natural contest, and need a push. I have heard that hypnosis can increase the desire to train , and to train harder and push more weight.

  2. Rob Dyrdek thinks it helped his skating career. I doubt it will help you push more weight. Maybe a tad more due to possible improved focus but that's about it imo

  3. i guess i could see how it would improve your focus and drive in the gym however hypnosis isn't going to unlock more muscle in your body.

    never tried nor heard of it tried tho =D
  4. thanks

    Thanks, Iīve just downloaded an mp3, an played it back laying on the sofa. I woke up about 45 mins later, and had no memory of the last hour, so thought I must have fell asleep, but I now have an incredible urge to train, even though I hurt all over. I already paid a visit to the gym, and put 14kg more on my usual bench press of 110kg for 7 reps, so today I did 124kg for 6 reps (almost 7). I donīt care if it's just a placebo, at least now I am getting a better pump.

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