M1T / 4-ad+ cycle

  1. M1T / 4-ad+ cycle

    Ok, after considering a few options for my next cycle, I think I've settled on M1T and LGP 4-AD+, which has the 4ad plus hydroxyTestosterone. I'll go with clomid and 6-oxo post. Any opinions on this?

  2. I'm skeptical like many others are about the effectiveness of methyl 4-AD. I also don't see the point of using methyl 4-AD in a transdermal, when you could get near 100% bioavailability orally. At this point I haven't seen anyone report on it's effectiveness and anyone that has supposedly used it with success has not posted their results. IMO stick with a standard 4-AD transdermal like T-4. I would also use Nolva for post cycle. If you feel like experimenting than by all means give it a try.

  3. I was thinking that, but it also has 6g of standard 4ad and 3g hydroxyTestosterone per bottle, in addition to the 1g methyl 4ad. I used Nolva post after my last cycle which was a 12g formula of 1-T with 1,4 andro, so I was thinking of trying clomid this time. Where's the best place to get liquid chems now?
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    Definately Nolva, or a Nolva CLomid combo as NPursuit stated. Have had good feedback on a couple M1T and transdermal 4AD stacks. FYI

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    Where's the best place to get liquid chems now?

    Check the memberstore!



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