gearbox?? is it ok

  1. gearbox?? is it ok

    I just ran into this site called the gear box where you can pick up all types of pinz and **** like that. my only question is....have any of you ever gone here??are they down with the needles being used for roids and being able to help/recommend the best choices for different injections? or are they a legit medical supply company that isnt involved in all that? I just wanted to know before I ordered anything

  2. Personally, I like GetPinz
    And ScienSupply but I have heard good things about gearbox from others..
    Where are you wanting to inject?

  3. NE1
    NE1's Avatar

    Unless they are a lot cheaper, why take a chance...getpinz=tried and trusted by probly every juicehead out there.

  4. I'm just gonna do some b12 injects right now just to get my appetite and energy levels up

  5. at gearbox its 50 syringes/needles for 10.00
    and at getpinz it's 25 s/n for 2 bucks difference. not that much, but I was just curious

  6. i've used gearbox, everything was great, great service and all.

  7. Getpinz....tried and true.

  8. I think getpinz should start shipping out t-shirts like does with orders over 75 bucks... I just see it now. " No, I don't use steroids, but thanks for asking!"
  9. Power Nutrition
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    If your just looking for slin pins, those can be picked up at any local pharmacy>

  10. don't you need a Rx?

  11. Originally posted by corteztk1982
    don't you need a Rx?
    No but this depends on the state. Also some pharmacist may choose not to sell them to you. Walmart always sells them in my experience. They gave me a big box once and told me to look thru it for what i needed.

  12. lolol just gave you a big box of random pinz?

  13. I usually pick up my slin needles and IM pinz at Walgreens. My slin syringes are covered by prescription and they only charge me 20cents each for the IM Syringes.

    It saves me shipping costs

  14. thats sweet man.. they just let you get the IM pins no questions asked?

  15. no q's asked
    I live in CO and they are over the counter here. Some of the techs in the pharmacy give me attitude sometimes but then they reconsider giving attitude to a juicer.

  16. Worse comes to worse, try to hook-up with a cute pharmacy assistant.. There's this little spanish hottie up the street from me, she already gave me 3 sharps boxes, and 200 'slin pins..

    Ok, so I'm on alot of test these days, shoot me..

  17. sounds like you got it all covered bigpete lol


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