Quick Gyno Question

  1. Quick Gyno Question

    Currently running a cycle of Superdrol. I'm on day 11 right now and I've seen good gains. However, I've been on the lookout for gyno symptoms. My nipples arent sore/itchy or anything like that, but my left nipple looks a bit puffier than normal.

    Is this a sign that I should start Novedex right away? Will this inhibit any gains? I know theres other threads on this, but I couldnt find a definitive custom answer right away, and I figured this could potentially be something I need to deal with right away.

    Thanks guys


  2. ur probably being paranoid. as long as theres no lump, itch, or sensitivity ur fine.

    puffy nipples do NOT = gyno

  3. Good to hear. Yes, I'm very paranoid about it haha...I feel like a woman giving myself breast exams, but I don't feel any lumps or anything. Thanks for the quick reply

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