m1t gaspari

  1. m1t gaspari

    i see gaspari nutrition is offering it, they just mailed me a letter saying how its so great and its on their page, i'm sure this will hurt the field pretty bad because they don't have much of a warning up for it and they say to take up to 2 pills a day. wait till someone has problems breathing on that one...


  2. interesting......

  3. i haven't ordered from him in 2 years, so that means he sent the letters out to TONS of people! in it talks about the ban coming and how this supplement you should buy now...so yah, this stuff is now super popular with all these letters...kinda ticked me off, but i guess he's trying to make a buck. i just hope he knows about the breathing problems some will have on his "doseage" of 2 10mg pills a day...i kinda lost respect for gaspari for this

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