Gyno or not gyno? That's the question...

  1. Gyno or not gyno? That's the question...


    Sorry an other thread about gyno!
    So I have started a Havoc cycle since 2 days and my left nipple is a bit sensitive (i'm doing 20/30/30/30), there is sometimes a little dolor.
    I have took 10mg Nolvadex today and yesterday.
    Maybe it's just my imagination!

    To your opinion, Is it possible to have gyno only 2 days after start the cycle (with 20mg a day)?

    Sorry for my english!

  2. Is it a lump?

  3. No, not in two days

  4. a lump??

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Napao View Post
    a lump??
    Is there a lump under your left nipple? If there is no lump, there is no gyno....

  6. No there is no lump!

  7. So for you it's is not gyno?

  8. this is going to seem strange but when you say lump under the nipple how is the best way to determine a lump or fatty deposit, i have little lumps under both my nipples but they are not painful, wonder if i have it

  9. There is an entire sticky on "Gyno". If you haven't read it, READ IT.

    Compliments of Mullet! If You Think You Have Gyno: Click Here

  10. thanks man, interesting read, i can sleep easy now


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