this WAS the plan.....
600mgs of 1,4andro oral
3alpha powder in the transport matrix

new plan..30 day stack
1test oral (maybe 1tu by nutrex, need some advice on this one)
3alpha powder in tranport matrix
6oxo for recovery

im thinking of dropping the 1, 4ad because if all it does is stimulate appitite i dont need it (also it stays in your system a long time right?), (still havent gotten enough feedback on the 1,4ad to decide if its right for my goals) here are my goals
1. speed
2. strength
3. lean mass only as a side effect not as a priority, i dont train for hypertrophy specifically

1. Should i maybe stack all three to optimally meet my specific goals?if so how would i do it?
2. i am gonna mix in 4 grams of 3alpha powder into the tranport matrix. first time ive used a spray, only orals. how many/applications of squirts a day?

i would really appriciate some feedback on this. thanking in advance to the expirienced....