AMPS are short/low... Not enough? Help?

  1. AMPS are short/low... Not enough? Help?

    Here's my situation.. I bought 2x 10ml amps of 500mg/ml test e. I'm done week 4, but probably only have another ml left in the first amp. So that would suggets my cycle is only gonna last 9 weeks and I'm two ml short somehow?

    How should I handle this? Should I buy another amp? End it at 9 weeks? Not really sure..

    My friend is in a similar situation with Sust... We're only putting 1ml in the syringe so I don't get how this happens.. Advice?

  2. first of these are vials not amps, second...if you are drawing to one ml then you are actually getting a little more because the guage on the syringe does not account for whats in the needle. you need to draw just under one cc and then take needle out of the vial and draw back until the meniscus hits the 1 cc mark. the plunger should be at two cc. it may take you a couple of tries to get right.

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