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    Have any of you guys heard of this or tried it? It sound really interesting. I was looking at all the stuff my vitamin shoppe shells and this was one of em. I think im gonna add this to me shopping list to have on hand.

    Here is some info i found after doing a search on google

    "The following conditions may benefit from Idebenone: Brain enhancement as a nootropic, stroke, Alzheimer's, dementia, surgical candidates, cardiovascular, MS, other demyelination conditions, aging, depression, Friedreich's Ataxia, and liver problems"

    "Idebenone is an analog (variation) of Coenzyme Q10, a powerful anti-oxidant biochemical known also as "ubiquinone" and most commonly as CoQ10. This substance is the energy producing unit of our body cells. Every process in our bodies requires CoQ10. Without CoQ10 life stops.

    Benefits of CoQ10 in autism are:
    Supplies energy necessary for proper Immune Response
    Strong antioxidant power to help prevent free radical damage
    Provides energy for the natural detoxification process in the liver
    Helps fight off Candida and bacterial and viral infections
    Helps correct immunodeficiencies
    Enhanced Focus
    Mood Elevation
    Desire to engage in more conversation
    Idebenone supplies all of the same benefits as CoQ10 plus some distinct advantages based on its more complex chemical structure. Though very similar in chemical make-up to CoQ10, its longer chain organic structure gives it extra powerful anti-oxidant properties making it a more effective "free radical quencher" resulting in less cell and tissue damage"

    and this:

  2. Have heard nothing but good about it on animal's board. I think it's a bit expensive; I'm trying piracetam first.

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    It sounds interesting and Ill be giving it a try it a few months...bulk powder cant be that much.

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