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    What do you all think the best oral cycle is for yourself. If you had to take it oral. I am just curious. Oh yea what is milk thistle, I have heard it was good to take if you were only going to take d-bols. Thanks.

  2. are you thinking of doing an oral only cycle, because if you are.. I wouldn't..

  3. I think oral only cycles are generally bad news. That is because most people will take only soemthing like dbol or anadrol which will result in a total crash at the end of the cycle. I think if soemthing like anavar or winny is used, they will see smaller gains, but it will work.
    I mean, we do reccomend peope take 1test which is and oral, by iteself...

  4. Week Dianabol Sustanon
    1 2 tabs a day 1 amp a week
    2 3 tabs a day 1 amp a week
    3 3 tabs a day 2 amps a week
    4 4 tabs a day 3 amps a week
    5 4 tabs a day 4 amps a week
    6 3 tabs a day 3 amps a week
    7 3 tabs a day 2 amps a week
    8 2 tabs a day 1 amp a week
    9 --- 1 amp a week

    This is what I really want to do eventually, but the cash isnt there. How much do you think this would run, street value. Thanks

  5. oh ya, u guys are wicked fast on the post. thanks.

  6. That is a horrible way to use sustanon. Sustanon is a self tapering drug due to the various test ester found in it. There is not need to taper like that with sust.
    You need to know how many mg of dbol are in each tab before you can decide on how many to take. Dobl tabs come in 5,10,25,50mg tabs.

  7. Read the profiles.
    Read the FAQ.
    Read every sticky there is.
    Don't ask for prices.

    Then come back and post.
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  8. It's like that!


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