Poll: Havoc vs. H-drol for bulk gains

Havoc vs. H-drol for a bulking cycle

  1. Havoc vs. H-drol for a bulking cycle

    Ok i hear alot about Havoc/epi not so much about H-drol. I like to run a cycle in the fall while bulking up to my winter weight. which would you guys who have used both recomenned and why.

  2. Voted havoc.
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  3. havoc definately

  4. havoc is great week three and including a drastic diet change ( eating a ton) and lots of water i have gained 13lbs in 3.5 weeks .....mood is great

  5. havoc

  6. Without a doubt havoc for a bulker. I'm not saying that because i'm an RPN rep, but i've used both products, and they are both very good in their own right. H-drol is a fantastic compound for recomp type effects.

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  7. I'm using h-drol right now for a lean bulk/recomp cycle. I really don't do the "bulk up for winter" and then cut in the summer type of program. I pretty much lean bulk year round. Every few months or so I start to slack off on the diet, and when I start to gain fat I just ratchet it back up. It works pretty well for me, and I stay between 8and 10% bf year round. Occasionally I'll cycle carbs if I'm really trying to cut bf, but those type of deits really don;t agree with me because unless I'm on gear I drop weight really fast. On this cycle, I'm looking to gain 8-12 lbs and drop back down to around 8% bf. Havoc is much better for an all out bulker. You can easily put on 15lbs if your diet is on point.

  8. It took both and responded much better on H-Drol!

    Great recomp and great gains!

  9. how many weeks is safe on havoc....how long should i wait to get on it again?


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