December Cycle: what yall think?

  1. December Cycle: what yall think?

    Finished Havoc/Winztrol cycle mid Oct currently beginning 4th wk PCT (very light Toremefine, Trione). I generally will wait 2-4 months before another cycle but not this time, so here's proposed cycle:

    wk1: H-drol 75mg
    wk2: H-drol 75mg
    wk3: H-drol 75mg/Liquid Masterdrol 600mg
    wk4: H-drol 100mg/Liquid Masterdrol 600mg
    wk5: H-drol 100mg/LM 600mg
    wk6: H-drol 100/125mg/LM 600mg

    Dosages will depend on how I feel/respond, I usually dose high, sometimes stupidly. This is my 7th cycle, previous Prostan, Pheraplex, Ergo Max, Mega-trn, Havoc (3). Goal is strenght and fat reduction.

    I've got a slight case of gyno (damn Mega-trn!) and the Masterdrol concerns me w/ this. Last Havoc/Winztrol actually reduced it, don't want it to flare up. Should I be concerned w/ gyno because of Masterdrol? What yall think? Run it?

  2. how much do you weigh and hall tall are you...stats please

  3. Quote Originally Posted by monsterbox View Post
    how much do you weigh and hall tall are you...stats please

    I am interested. with all those cycles behind you you must have some impressive mass atm....right?......

  4. stats?? and yes, of course it should be a concern. . . . .

  5. age 44, weight 230lbs, height 6.2, training off/on 10 years. I'm suprised not many logs on LGs cmmv2/liquid masterdrol, this stuff looks pretty interesting. My goal is 240lbs @ 12% body fat. I'm 16/17%, closer to 16 and losing fat fast, thinking of running T3 w/ this too. how bad is the lethargy w/ T3, will these AAs offset that? I should be at 14/15 % fat in Dec, thinking of running 2 weeks of Dermacrine starting Monday cause I wanna get a taste of that stuff, Sustain Alpha for a week after then 2 or so weeks later after purging system do this H-drol, masterdrol, T3, lipoburn + clen (running that now). Looks good to me, may do a log since not much on this masterdrol and it looks VERY interesting to me. What about gyno, mine prob prolactin caused from Mega-trn, I've got tons of research chems, guess I'll just run B-6 and hope its not aggravated.

  6. Have you ever used any real steroids or just pro-hormones?

  7. Never used any real stuff just PHs. Cycle looks good to me, i'll log it since not much has been said about the Masterdrol, not sure about the T3 but I may run that as well.

  8. I think the cycle looks alright. 6 weeks of well-dosed Hdrol should be perfect for strength and recomp. I haven't heard much positive reviews on Liquid Masterdrol, most people say it's crap. I would avoid it. If you are looking for a stacker I would lean towards a Tren compound.

    I've done a few orals, not as many as you, but when I looked at myself stuffing 3 oral cycles into a 1 year period i wondered what i'd be doing in a couple years. I don't think orals-only is a very sustainable approach for doing cycle after cycle, especially now that you are getting into shorter time between cycles.

    so if you don't mind me asking, why aren't you going injects? There's a lot of fair reasons; orals are cheap, obtainable and quick but they put so much undue stress on the body.
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  9. Lol, hey LegalGear is your Liquid Masterdrol crap? Its the same thing as MMV2, I've already bought 2 bottles of it, so I quess I'm gonna run it. I admit only readin couple positive posts, think Thundergod said its good for strength, cut. Matter of fact I'm running it instead of Mega-trn because Tren gave me gyno, bad bad bad mood, and extreme lethargy. Tren does not agree w/ everyone, ME. Love the strength but everything else is bad so will prob never touch it again.

    Anyone doen MMv2/liquid masterdrol and think its crap?

    Hey Legalgear, this don't aromatize and its not a progrestin, right, so what info you got on people getting gyno from it or it aggravating existing gyno?

    As for the phs vs real gear, the phs are LEGAL, I don't have a source, their convenient, etc. I wouldn't advocate anyone doing more than 3/4 ph cycles per year but I wasn't shutdown at all from Havoc/Winztrol (its useless I only ran it cause I had 2 bottles of it), tho the Zol prob phucked up my lipid profile. W/ havoc/epistane its basically an anit-E, but I get VERY good strength gains from it and can easily put on 10lbs, and it seems very safe. I love havoc/epistane! So why mess w/ real gear when the Phs give me what I want, I aint no bodybuilder etc, I don't wanna be a phreak, just wanna be strong, fit etc. My liver i think is the strongest organ in my body, LOL.


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