advice needed

  1. advice needed

    Hey guys well I have been hit with a road block. After taking about 3 months off from working out due to back injuries mixed with doing lawn maintenance for work thru the summer I was unable to work out...2 weeks ago I got back in the gym and my back was feeling great and was going to workout for 3 weeks then get on a havoc cycle. I have worked out now for a bout 10 years. I am 24 years old 5'10 195 lbs. Well I was supposed to start my cycle Monday because my 3 weeks were going to be up. (I wanted my joints and ligament to be used to weights again before I started havoc). But 2 days ago ( Wed night) I broke my foot and feel down some stairs...I went to the e.r. and got a splint and a pain shot. Well I rode with my girl to get my pain pills filled and some crunches at about 1:30 am after I left the e.r. and was waiting in the truck for her to get back. Then all of the sudden I felt real hot, sweaty, and tingly and opened the door to spit out my gum and then woke up on the concrete with my head bleeding and disoriented and could not talk. I was able to get back in the truck after being knocked out ( for who knows how long) maybe 5 min. or so. I was then rushed back to the e.r…They first thought I had a brain bleed but turned out to be a severe concussion and a reaction to the shot. I was diagnosed with post concussion syndrome and had severe dehydration. Well it is 2 days later and I am doing a lot better but I am going to get a real cast on my foot monday. Today is fri night. I broke 3 bones in my foot and one major bone twice. My question is how soon can I start lifting weights for my upper body considering I had a terrible concussion? Also, when my cast comes off 6 to 8 weeks from this coming Monday when I get it on…when can I get on a havoc cycle? I know with some gear it can make bones brittle and was wondering how long my cast should be off before I got on a havoc cycle. I would hate to be squatting after my cast is off--- if this can cause my bones to be brittle and rebreak them. I appreciate all advice.

  2. well damn. i'm not a doctor, and i would suggest you ask one as far as lifting goes.

    i would think that lighter weights to help maintain where you are at would be fine. lifting heavier weights that flush your face i'm not sure about. i'd call the doctor that helped you in the ER and ask his advice.

  3. f the e r man c a real doctor

  4. Well I appreciate the advice so far...My family doctor has been my doctor for about 5 years now and even though he is about 35 years old he is not very progressive as far as steroids and working out go...He thinks I should just workout and eat a good all around american diet and that be it so that is why I need the advice on when to start havoc again. But with that said I will get his opinion on when I can start lifting for my upper body again. I weigh 185 now. I have lost 10 lbs so far from not being able to keep anything down untill yesterday and being completley dehydrated but I am going to start chugging water and force feeding to get my weight back up since I am not nausiated anymore.

  5. u should wait until your leg is healed to run the havoc



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