My Next Cycle(s)

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    My Next Cycle(s)

    Im now about to finish up my 6th week of my first cycle test e, eq and dbol. I put on a good 10lbs in the first 2 or 3 weeks and not much sense although bf has gone down and strength is going up... i was 178 at the start and im 194-196 now. But thats beside the point. After reading the cycles on pennies thread it makes sense to me (and for me) to try cycling on for 4 weeks, off for 2 on for again, off for on for 4 again then a nice long break. My reasoning for this is:
    1.) Both PH cycle i did i gained 90% of the wieght in the first two weeks...same as my aas cycle...but that probly more becuause of the dbol kickstart and the lag time for test and eq to kick in. Yes I do increase cal's as i gain weight so thats not it.
    2.) I get bored easily. At first i was excited because i was doing something different...this makes me more motivated to keep up a cleaner diet and hardcore training. And i just feel better knowing im doing something new. The monotony of doing the same damn injections over and over each work for 10 weeks just bores the hell out of the point i feel like stopping my cycle just so i can start something new.
    3.) It also makes sense that if you take a 2 week break and do pct, your body would have an easier time getting back to normal when you are finally done...since its really only recovering from 4 weeks of being shutdown instead of 10.
    4.) i like to take a break from force feeding, back breaking lifting, and even pinning (even though i like it) and this would give me a chance to just step out and relax, regroup and come back full force.
    5.) Doing this would allow me to try more (different) aas in a shorter amount of time. Im all for this as i like trying new things to see what works best for me...sense what works for 90% of everyone does jack **** for me (usually).

    So my question are:
    1.) has anyone tried this?
    2.) What are you opinions on this sort of cycle.
    3.) I realize that short ester would need to be used...such as test prop, tren acetate, nandrolen phenylprop, and the orals. Anything else that would be worth trying. If I do this i was planning on running EQ the last 12 weeks straight through sense i have plenty of it left and dont wanna waste it.

    Something like this is what i had in mind
    tp=test prop, tpp test phenylprop, np=nandolone phenylprop, etc)

    1. 525(tp) 350(tren) 100ed(adrol)
    2. 525(tp) 350(tren) 100ed(adrol)
    3. 525(tp) 350(tren) 100ed(adrol)
    4. 525(tp) 350(tren)
    5. Clo/Nlva
    6. Clo/Nlva
    7. 750(tpp) 400(npp) 40ed(dbol) 400(eq)
    8. 750(tpp) 400(npp) 40ed(dbol) 400(eq)
    9. 750(tpp) 400(npp) 40ed(dbol) 400(eq)
    10.750(tpp) 400(npp) 400(eq)
    11. 400(eq) Clo/Nlva
    12. 400(eq) Clo/Nlva
    13. 400(eq) 350(winny)
    14. 400(eq) 350(winny)
    15. 400(eq) 350(winny)
    16. 400(eq) 350(winny)
    17.-20 PCT

    Does this look like fun or what? Or is this just a dumbass idea? The only thing I can think to change would be to some primo at the end cause id like to give it a try. The winny would be injected and not taken orally. What do you guys think?

    sorry so long.

  2. im new to this board
    what is your diet like?
    what are yur stats?

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    currently 5'11" 194lb, bf around 9-10%was a little heavier but got kinda sick with cold monday and havent been to the gym since and havent been eating as much.

    Typical diet looks like this:
    715am 3 eggs on wheat with some OJ
    25g protein shake

    930-1230 Snaking on Beef jerky, peanuts, and pb crackers.

    100pm Big lunch...anything from two bigmacs or spagetting or steak and potatos.

    300pm 50g protein shake

    4pm-5pm snaking again(beef jerky, candy bars, just what ever to kill the appetite)

    530 Another big lunch, lately about 1/3 lb chicken on wheat

    630 yogurt, snacks, maybe small sandwich, 40g protein shake

    730 40g protein hake
    830 100g protein 40-60g carb

    930 Campbells chunky soup or beaf stew or more eggs.

    1030 40-50g protein shake

    this is pretty close to what i eat on a daily basis. Maybe a little more junk food like reeses cups here and there or chex mix. When im at home im eating almost nonstop cause of that damn eq.

  4. your diet needs serious work!!!
    how many cals,protien grams, carb grams and fat grams do you eat daily?

    1. clean up your diet
    2.more real food less shakes
    3.if you put junk in what do you expect to gain?
    4.limit yorself to 100gm protien from shakes

  5. The EQ is being improperly used... if you want to start pct on the 16th week, you should be do you last shot of eq around week 12. I'd run it from the beginning all the way through, it won't kick in really during those first two "off" weeks, and can help support your cycle in the "DC's Cycles for pennies" style. What do you have planned for PCT?


    edit: Diet looks good.
    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

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    Protein is around 400g/day. As far as eating junk food goes, as long im not putting on fat, i eat whatever is close at hand and quick. Keep in mind that i almost constanly eating whole foods just to kill the appetite. usually my diet is pretty clean but the past week or two my appetitie has been quite severe. Nomally the only think i would snack on is beef jerky and peanuts.

    i'd say on average i get around 120-160g (probably more with constant snacking) solid foods and another 200-250 from shakes...half of which is pre and post workout. So on non workout days its less from shakes and more from foods. I dont really keep track of carbs as long as i stay lean, if i start putting on fat, i cut them back obviously.

    Actually i have been trying to cut some of the solid foods out because im getting a big belly, not fat, just protruding from all the force feedings.

  7. ADD CARBS i can not stress this enough you are trying to bulk,that means gain weight you sould be consuming 4000-6000 cals a day try this your next cycle

    wk 1-4 35mg dbol ed
    wk 1-12 500mg test ew
    wk 1-12 400mg eq ew

    400 gm pro ed
    500 gm carb ed
    100 gm fat ed

    300 of the protien should befrom real food
    no junk fod exept on acheet day
    snake on veggies the greener the better

  8. If you choose to take that cycle option then you should also use HCG on the time off. As pointed out, EQ for only 6 weeks is not using it effectively.

    I think a better choice over your is a long continuous cycle where you go into 4 week "cruising periods" where you remain on low dosages of test and take HCG.
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    EQ for only 6 weeks is not using it effectively.
    Its in there for 10 actually, starting at week 7. The idea was to have the EQ kick in around the same time I started the winny.

    Unfortunealty I cant get HCG as all these items will be homebrewed and thats about the only thing i cant get. I also have some test enanthate that I thought about taking 100-200mg week on the 2week off peroids along with the clomid and nolva.

  10. 7 weeks of EQ isn't enough either..... It takes 6-8 weeks to really notice EQ's effects. 10 weeks is a bare minimum, with 12 being way more effective for this compound.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*
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    The EQ is there for 10 weeks...weeks 7 thru 16. PCT probably wouldnt start until week 17/18 but i will see how it goes on my current cycle and go from there. So this looks like a good idea to you guys? No other complaints changes?

  12. Yes, but you are injecting the EQ up until the last week (16th) and it will be active in your system for at LEAST 2 weeks after that last injection (3-4 is more like it if I remember corretly). Under your plan, you would finish up your last shot of EQ week 16, run your post cycle from weeks 17-20, and then when you are DONE with the post cycle, your body would be able to try and bring it's natural hormonal levels back when you aren't using nolva/clomid to help it along.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*


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