basketball day...

  1. basketball day...

    and it sucks cause i dont have my methyl test in..

    maybe i will go to mexico and pop a couple cheq drops.

  2. ????

  3. meaning.. i always like a hardcore buzz when i play hoops...

    which is why i love stenox, methyl test, or cheq drops.. all available in TJ.

  4. Ok. odd choices for basketball in my opinion.

  5. not odd to me.. cause i love the zone these androgens put me in..

    add that on top of some yellow jackets and life is good..

  6. instead of all those androgens, just take about 1.5g of alcar and a stacker2, and that will put you in your "zone" trust me...

  7. what is alcar?

  8. Originally posted by rhatid
    what is alcar?
    It's Acetyl-L-Carnitine.

  9. And all this time I though Bball players were sticking to large amounts of gatorade.

  10. Originally posted by Iron Warrior

    It's Acetyl-L-Carnitine.

    question... how does that put you in a zone?


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