trenadrol and caffeine/preworkout stims

  1. trenadrol and caffeine/preworkout stims

    hey guys
    i'm planning on doing a havoc/trenadrol my research i've found people complaining of feeling light headed and like they are gonna pass out when taking trenadrol and coffee (caffeine). i was just wondering if anyone else has had this side effect. i was planning on taking shock therapy before my workouts while on trenadrol which has stims in it and i'm not sure if this would cause a bad reaction.

  2. just monitor ur blood pressure

  3. hawthorne berries will help on cycle with blood pressure. preload two weeks before the cycle and continue through the cycle

  4. or better yet whats the best steroid for increasing strength and losing wiegth

  5. steroids do not make you lose weight. proper diet and exercise do

  6. Quote Originally Posted by bigpapa View Post
    steroids do not make you lose weight. proper diet and exercise do

    the kid has been spamming every thread, gotta be a troll


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