1-test cyp PCT

  1. 1-test cyp PCT

    Ok, Ive got about 3 more weeks left with my current cycle, 1-Tcyp and test prop. I know there was some question as to the half-life if the 1-t cyp ester. Dazed said it acts more like the prop ester, while others say its a regular cyp ester. Im trying to figure out when i should begin PCT. Should i quit the cyp 2 weeks out and run just the prop for the remainder? Or stop them at the same time? Thanks.

    Also, If i quit 2 weeks out, I was thinking of running some M1T for those 2 weeks.

    Any feedback?

  2. well this is my opinion....if I were in you position I would drop the 1-t cyp and continue the prop for up to 3 wks then start pct two days after last prop inject.

  3. Yeah, thats what im probably going to do. Thanks man

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