I am wanting to run a nice recomp/fat loss cycle in january , i have ran tren , epi , hdrol , and sdrol in the past. Epi as high as 60mg , hdrol didnt really get me at 50mg , tren was amazing fro strength , and sdrol i ran on a bridge and because of the shutdown and some problems i cut it two weeks short , but the week i ran it my strength was amazing and gains were solid.

Now i was thinking of running maybe tren or hdrol for 6 weeks , hdrol starting at 75mg and staying 100mg throughout , or tren starting 90 and working up to 120mg . Now how would adding in 20mg sdrol on workout days sound 3 days a week , i think hdrol 6 weeks high dose with the sdrol pulse and maybe through in some eca on days without superdrol would be a hell of a recomp with fat loss , while adding strength.

I am 23 , 251 , and 6 "3 as of now just came off the epi sdrol bridge that let me down . Quiting the cycle early was the safest route , i believe i dosed the epi to high and adding the sdrol just totally shut me down , no energy motivation , fatigue , testicular atrophy and pain at moments.