6 OXO and Usnic acid/ECA

  1. 6 OXO and Usnic acid/ECA

    6-OXO and Usnic acid/ECA.

    I'm about to order my first lot of prohormones etc and would like to include a fat-burning cycle along with my 'off' cycle.

    I'm thinking along the lines of
    2 weeks T1 Pro
    1 Week T1 Pro + 6 OXO
    2 Weeks 6 OXO plus Dymetadrine extreme (ECA) plus Usnic Acid.
    How well do fat burn cycles combine with off periods?
    I've used similar stacks before with AAS (Dbol plus winny/ Clenbuterol) to good effect.
    I've got some catching up to do - Due to a few bouts of surgery over the last 3 years, my training is pretty mediocre to say the least.
    I intend to hit the gym for 6 weeks using just ALA and NAC, then start my cycle.
    You can imagine that with low/no training over the last 3 years I need to burn some fat. Current BF% is around 18/19, and I feel best at around 10%. Unfortunately, I've lost around 16lb of lean tissue over the last 3 years as well.
    I need to put the muscle back on, and lose the fat - i've done it before, both with and without any 'help' but I do need to get my ass in gear this year.
    Not just for the sake of looking good, but for my overall health, and so I wondered if anyone had tried usnic acid/eca whilst taking 6-OXO between stacks of PHs.

    I've always used low doses (25mg daily average) of AAS, and so have had no need to worry about 'off' periods - I just taper down to 5mg daily and have no problems. I've never used anything such as T1, so I prefer to ask, rather than bull**** my way through and pretend I know what I'm talking about. Help appreciated.

  2. Alot of people wait a couple weeks after their prohormone cycle to cut since the gains are more pernament at that point in time. But if you are cutting and running the 1-t at the same time you should be fine to run Usnic Acid and ECA. If you are bulking with the PH/PS then you should wait a couple weeks before you start cutting. I hear this from alot of people all though I do not quite agree. Once the fiber has increased in size only normal atrophy conditions should apply to it.
    Just wondering, did you get your liver values tested after the winny/dbol? I am kinda interested in the results.

  3. You should probably wait at least 3 weeks before cutting calories after your cycle. If you cut too soon, your lowered t levels will result in you losing some muscle and you will also run a greater risk of overtraining.

    You can use the ECA stack either way, as it is also anti-catabolic and will also help you retain mass. I have no idea as far as the usnic acid goes, but since it causes some stress on your body I'd guess it's best to wait with that as well.

    Also, why run the 6 oxo during your last week? It will not help your t levels recover while you are still taking androgens.

  4. Originally posted by ex_banana-eater

    Just wondering, did you get your liver values tested after the winny/dbol? I am kinda interested in the results.
    Didn't get any tests until a few months afterwards (I needed them for other reasons)
    Nothing showed up except slightly elevated LDL Cholesterol levels.
    By this time I was hardly training at all (surgery) and my diet had gone to pot (when you can hardly walk you grab whatever is highest in calories!) so an elevated level of LDL was expected anyway.
    I ALWAYS take NAC when taking anything that is potentially liver-toxic.

  5. I believe Curt mentioned that his gains were rather unsatisfactory when he ran a cycle with ECA. Any input about this?



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