1-AD cycle?

  1. 1-AD cycle?

    Is a post cycle needed when taking 1-AD only? 300mg/day for 6 weeks.


  2. Why would you use 1AD when there are so many, other products out there? For the answer to your question.......SEARCH

  3. tone --
    Necessary?? No. Good idea?? Yes. But, Ive taken about 20 1-ad cycles and never once used anything for post cycle. I mean, it wouldnt hurt to use 6oxo (helps regain normal test levels, anti-e, helps keep gains) but it isnt necessary if you ask me.

  4. LOL...by the way 20 is a little exagerated...more like 5 LOL

  5. Tone- I don't know if this is your first cycle, but if it is, 1-AD is sufficient. Like Sifu said, there are a lot of better products out now, but a lot of them may be too potent for a beginner. That being said, if you do plan on using 1-AD, I personally wouldn't use it for more than 4 weeks, as most of your gains will come in weeks 3 and 4.

    I would definetly take something post-cycle, as 1-AD alone can shut you down (it shut me down). 6-oxo should be fine. Maybe look into some transdermal 4-AD to combat the sides accosiated with 1-AD. RESEARCH BROTHER! Die Trying

  6. I would go with transdermal 1-Test & 4-AD, better and cheaper too.

  7. You'd be better off with a 1-t/4ad stack. If you insist on taking 1-ad alone, it will shut you down pretty hard.

    A while back, I took 500 mg/day of just 1-ad for 6 weeks. After about 4-5 weeks, your nuts will be the size of grapes & boners will be just a memory. You definitely need post-cycle. I would even recommend nolva or clomid over 6-oxo. 1ad is very suppressive to your natural test.


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