M-1-T 2 week cycle PST?

  1. M-1-T 2 week cycle PCT?

    Okay, so I'm reading that a 2 week cycle is a good idea for PCT because it's not as hard on the gonads... That being the case, what would PCT look like (using nolva) with a 2week cycle of methyl 1-test?
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  2. I think he means PCT

  3. Haha... Yup, I meant PCT... I'm an old RPG player and get my acronyms confused. (PST = please send /tell... don't ask)
    ... and I bump myself. Besides commenting on my poor abbreviation skills... Any of you have a good answer? I was told two weeks of 40 mg a day of nolva would be appropriate after a two week cycle. Any oppinions here?
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  4. i dont even think 40 is necessary.. i took 40 for the first two days.. then dropped it to 30.. ill prolly go down to 20 then 10 before the two weeks are up.l. i mean hell my nuts are back where they need to be and im still hornier than hell lol so i dont see a problem there..

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