Poll: How many X per week do you work each bodypart on cycle?

How many x per week do you work each bodypart on cycle?

  1. How many x per week do you work each bodypart on cycle?

    Hello all. Thanks to all who've helped me come back from my illness. I've made amazing gains and am back to my top condition, actually better than ever. I'm getting ready to run a cycle of H-Drol which will be my third cycle total, but 1st in a couple years.

    How many times per week do you work each body part when you're on a cycle? Discussion...

  2. I do 3 full body workouts a week, whether on cycle or not. It saves time and gives results. I do vary the intensity and skip a workout if needed to recoup. I use a modified HST routine best muscle stimulus seems to occur when fibers are hit every 48 hrs, every one differs though. Once you get to a certain point the idea is to maintain strength and tone. JMO

  3. HST seems like an alright program from what Ive read, BUT I still prefer dedicated days for individual groups of like worked parts (ie back/bi, shoulder/tri or chest/tri, coreabs/legs also with bis sometimes) and hit them at least 2 times a week real good. I think this works out a lot better but like I said have yet to try HST myself but make have had great results with the split listed above.

  4. Thanks for posting that, it is a consideration and changing it up is needed from time to time. As we age we have to incorporate different measures, Im glad to be able to do as much as I currently do.

  5. I like to hit each body part 1 time per week. I have done workouts where I hit each body part 2 times per week and that is fine. I find that if I do that for long periods of time I tend to feel over-trained. A variation that I have tried this year for the first time is to work each body part 1 time per week but pick one to work 2 times. I can comfortable do this without over-training and pay attention to lacking areas.

  6. Its great to have the physiology wherein you only need one per week. I know what you mean about feeling overtrained, but it seems that its at that point muscle tone and density increases noticeably. I try to stay just under that point of exertion. I suppose thats just the trick of it there, listening to your physical feedback.

  7. I change it up but I'm always doing the same number of working sets unless its PCT. I'll rely more on 2 times per week with a push/pull routine. This seems to make a bigger difference for my arms, delts, and traps.

  8. 3/3 off on my current cycle.
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  9. I think push/pull really makes a difference and is the only way to train for max results. Others may not agree but maximum effect for effort exerted is what Im going for.

  10. I'm guessing you asked this because when some are on they tend to do more? or recommend it?

    when I was cycling, I used to work legs and back twice while arms and shoulders got hit once if it was 3 days. if it was four, all parts got hit twice with a 4 day split. I'd use 3 rep on heavy days and 8-10 reps on light days

    ...my days were heavy legs/shoulders, light chest/back, light legs/shoulders, heavy chest/back. I never worked arms on cycle, I considered that a waste...more focused on power than aesthetics.
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  11. I gained 15 lbs. in 1.5 months from doing a routine one of my buddy's showed me. Monday-chest, tuesday- back&shoulders, wednesday- rest, thursday- bi's/tri's/forearms, friday- chest

    I am constantly switching up the order of the workout and which workout i choose for that muscle group.


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