Do I need both 6-oxo and Nolva?

  1. Do I need both 6-oxo and Nolva?

    I have some 6 oxo left over, and about 60% of a container of Nolva. I am planning on doing a 2 on 2 off 1 on cycle of M1T. My thinking is I can use one or the other during the 1 off week, and 2 weeks after the completion of the entire cycle. For the 1st off week, do I just stick with one or the other? I have 35 caps of 6oxo left, which is good for a week. Then at the end of cycle I might use Nolva, and might buy more 6 oxo. Some of you might say Nolva is enough and I don't need 6 oxo.

    Suggestions? This is posted at anabolicminds and

  2. Just Nolva will be fine.

  3. I had the same situation after my last cycle. I took 300mg 6-oxo & 20mg nolva per day for 1 week then dropped the nolva to 10mg & kept oxo at 300 for weeks 2-3 & I was fully recovered. I found it to work better with small doses of both than with full doses of either one.

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