milk thistle and liver support

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  1. Originally posted by ex_banana-eater

    This thread is horrible and piled with misinformation. Milk thistle? WTF? Even if people are too lazy to leave the site there is some information in the articles section relating to how milk thistle has never been accurately proven to be a liver protectant in many studies.

    I'm not gonna refute everything in N Pursuits post, but NAC looks the most promising for actually doing anyhting.
    I agree that NAC looks like the best choice.  Feel free to write up some info then.


  2. Quote Originally Posted by size
    I know it has been stated here before but I think reported liver damage is blow out of proportion.

    No one really knows unless they have blood work done, before, during, and after usage. Saying "my liver aches" just does not fly with me. There are signs of unhealthy liver function that do appear. If you have ever seen a jaundiced individual you will know exactly what I mean.

    There are many over the counter meds that people take on a daily basis that tear up your liver as well. Just think about all the toxins you take in daily.

    That's a good point. What exactly about ph's or m1t for that matter make it more liver toxic than many other prescription medications or other toxins we take in daily?


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