My next Cycle Suggestions

  1. My next Cycle Suggestions

    Just ran 4 weeks of Hdrol great gains and dry at that currently on pct and planning on running something else after trying to debate between Epistane and 3AD still looking to bulk I want good gains but afraid of those side effects. having good sucess with the pct Post Cycle by AI is the best. Any suggestions would be great.

  2. havoc would be a great next cycle but make sure u take the correct time off after ur Hdrol PCT

  3. you think 4 weeks would be good time off from a cycle

  4. Quote Originally Posted by liftw8t View Post
    you think 4 weeks would be good time off from a cycle
    no, 8 weeks minimum

  5. Quote Originally Posted by nosnmiveins View Post
    no, 8 weeks minimum
    general rule is time ON + PCT = time OFF

    Then I would do the Epi, it has treated me well.

  6. an important part of PCT is time off! these guys are right, your time off should be equal to your cycle time + PCT time...if you did a 4 week cycle and 4 weeks of PCT then you would want 8 weeks off between the end of your PCT and the start of your new cycle.

    I also agree that your best bet is to stick with epi...3AD wasn't really designed to be run stand alone.
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