Cutting with test prop

  1. Cutting with test prop

    I have been reading conflicting information with regards to cutting vs bulking and the use of test prop.

    Some say that without enough calories, test prop woudl not do any good.

    Some say that you can lose fat while gaining muscle with test prop.

    Those 2 statements above are contradictory and has been causing me much confusion. SO I have 2 questions:

    1) How many calories above or below BMR shoudl one consume daily with 400mg of test prop a week to cut (goal of 1lb fat loss a week) to produce the OPTIMAL results, which is the least amount of muscle lost and the mazimum amount of muscle gained/retained?

    2) I am ofcourse assuming that given the exact same circumstances, a person who cut with test prop would be a lot better off in terms of LBM% than someoen who did not use test prop to cut. Am I right?

  2. drop cals slowley starting with the simple carbs. 300 for a week and increase as needed. prop is great for cutting because you wont hold much water at all. if anything throw winny in for 4-6 weeks, or var. that will be a great cutting cycle.

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