fina and prop in the same pin

  1. fina and prop in the same pin

    Can fina and test prop be put into the same pin?
    I've heard some horror stories from people but never tried it myself, just wanted to ask before I jack myself up.

  2. On the market there is something called FinaBol - This consists of 100mgs of Fina and 50mgs of Test Prop per ml. I have heard very good results of this product.

    Results may vary in regards to how the products are mixed,(whether you draw from two separate vials or get it from a lab already pre-mixed) but I don't think there should be a problem.

    I can't give you a personal account (because I have yet to take it) of the effects of the combo but it should be all good.

    Hope this helped.

  3. I used to mix enan and fina with no problems, I plan on mixing prop and fina in the same pin next go around. What horror stories have you heard?

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  4. Shouldn't be a problem...


  5. No problems here with it either.... I've done fina/prop cocktails and im currently on week 12 of fina/enan cocktails ED.

  6. done it before, made no difference... dazed's prop conversion actually was painless vs the fina which hurt a bit... the prop evened it out

  7. I did it all the time.. like it

  8. Thanks for all replies.

    I just heard of some people saying that wherever they injected was severely sore for a couple of days or that the entire muscle locked up on them.
    I do think those people are idiots but better to be cautious than f'd up.


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