My M-1-T log

  1. My M-1-T log

    Hey, just wanted to let you guys know that I started my m1t/4ad stack today (actually last night.) my stats right now are 160lbs,5'9,21 years old. I havn't seen any side effects of improvements at all yet, since I just started. I am using high volume/heavy weights while on, and eating about 3500-4000 clean cals while on. I am thinking that this will probably be 2 cycles of 2 weeks, but I will have to see once the gains start coming on. Also, I will be taking my milk thistle at 1000 mg's a day, and maybe even some saw palmetto(since I have a full bottle here anyway) and staying away from all alcohol. my workout sched is..
    mon-off (or legs day depending on how hard I worked them the last time)

    but will change to back to back full body workouts on mon-tues and thurs-fri with light cardio on the off days to keep my heart in shape for the heavy weights.

  2. 2nd day........

    didn't work out tonight, but didn't really notice any difference yet. Maybe a little hungrier. also, I'm not sure if it was the m1t or just that I was tired, but I slept 12 hours last night lol no side effects as of yet either.

  3. Day 3..... Went in around 7pm to work out. Did chest and light arms. about 10 mins into the arm workout I got a pump that was out of this world. It felt like my whole arm/shoulders were one solid slab of muscle. Really got me motivated to go even harder.did 4 sets of preacher curls and literally had to cut it short (wanted to do 6 sets) because the pump was so intense it was restricting my movement and form a little. I didn't know that it would give this kind of pump at only 3 days in,so I'm really looking forward to what's coming down the line in the next 2 weeks. lso, today I noticed that I have been drinking a lot more water, and that I'm a lot thirstier. I woke up twice to drink in the middle of the night, and also drank four 20 oz. bottles of water through my 45 min workout(and I didn't even go that hard today) lol

  4. I started mine yesterday and I noticed some tightness as well. Also, my head felt a little difference, possibly due to blood pressure. Can that be true after 1 day? I don't know. Thirsty, yes, very much so.

  5. i got the weird feeling in the head too..i was thinki9ng it might be the BP also, but like you, wasn't sure if it would kick in that fast.

  6. I forgot.. I'm also on creatine too, so that might contribute to the added tightness and pump...but it feels so much more swollen than any plain creatine pump


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