transdermal T-1 pro and sex

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    Hey guys I tried a search but didnt find any concrete info. I will be starting my T-1 pro cycle next Monday and I had one question. I know that after application of a transdermal I should stay away from contact with my girlfriend but after it dries would it be alright to *bump* into her? Is there a time like 2 hours after that it would not matter if she touched my skin where the transdermal was? Or is my only option to put the trans on top of my feet and put socks on just to be safe. Thanks for your help its very much appreciated. M

  2. Most of it will be dried and absorbed after 2 hours but you will have some left on the skin. Sweating during sex would help some of that absorb more, so I would wear a shirt or socks like you mentioned.
    Of course you could wait a little while longer and get away with taking another shower then you would not have to worry about it.

  3. you can also wrap "saran wrap" around the applicable area. this will serve you two fold. 1 it will help prevent contact between you and your girl "kinda like a jimmy hat", 2 it is said that this will increase aborbtion
    Good Luck!

  4. apply it with rubber gloves, you don't want to have that stuff on you're hands when you're uh, you know. Anyway if you make slight contact with you're girlfriend im sure not enough of that stuff could possibly affect her.

  5. With 4-AD, I don't worry about it, I don't think she'll absorb enough that it will be a problem. With a 1-test trans, I always wear a shirt (I apply to my shoulders, chest, back). I'm not so much worried about her absorbing androgens as I am that she'll get some highly irritating 1-test in her eye or worse!



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