Newb, first cycle, T Prop

  1. Newb, first cycle, T Prop

    I'm new on here and was wondering if I could get some help with my first cycle.

    Weight: 227
    Height: 6'3
    BF%: 24

    First off, I'm currently taking testbooster arimatest and the original Bold 200 prohormone. Arimatest, 4/day. 2/am 2/pm. Bold, 6/day breakfast, lunch and dinner. I've been taking these two for two weeks now with ok results. I finally got myself some real deal test prop. Before I start this cycle, should I get off the arimatest and bold and do a PCT then start the test after PCT, or would it be ok to go into the test right now. How long should I do the cycle for and what all should I take during and after the cycle. My diet is good. I'm eating upwards of 4100 calories(clean) a day, workout 5 on 1 off. I also take NO shotgun pre and protein throughout the day. Should I cut the NO shotgun out? any and all help is greatly appreciated

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