Help Pain Glute

  1. Help Pain Glute

    What do you guys do when you get a hard red warm lump on your glute, and its been close to two weeks . Will that go away or should i take anything for it because most guys have it gone by 6 days . it hard to sleep sit or touch it killss

    i posted here people said it will go away but it hasnt

  2. Bro,

    I had a MRSA infection this summer from working out in the gym w/ poison ivy sores on my skin. Started out like red bumps for a week or so then blew up into the ****ing fleshing eating infection that it is.

    Im no doctor, but if the bump heads, and it spews green puss, theres a bacteria eatin your ass bro.

    Go get it checked out by a pro.

  3. dude, if you have had a hard red warm lump for two weeks its prob time to go to the doc.

  4. go to the doctor, sounds like an abcess

  5. Are you currently pinning anything if so what? Is it deep in the muscle or is it on top of the skin?

    If you are pinning how legit is it? You might want to run it through a filter.



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