1. Nips...

    got off a havoc cycle. there are no lumps or anything but im probably like 15-17% bf. and there's a little bit of fat all the way around the nipples. is this just estrogen related fat? and if so what to do... or is it gyno?

  2. Sounds like fat to me....


  3. good. thanks. i can lose it in a month lol

  4. Chances is just fat.

    Unless there are deposits underneath the nipple and are painful and slightly raised little bumps. Chances are you are fretting for nothing.

    Your pecs would also be sore around nipple...doesn't seem to be your problem.

    If you squeeze the nipple and there is a small rubber-like mass MAY have something to worry about but like I said are probably overreacting.

    Cut some body fat and you should be fine if you want the problem to go away. Or add more LBM.

  5. sounds like fat, but this thread is pointless without pics.

  6. got a perfect amount of lean mass in my opinion. im where i want to be. but i was 230-260 for about 4 years, didnt work out, and now down to 190-195 and have probably gained a good amount of lean mass in the 3 years i have been working out. so the fat i have left is like the ****ing LAST to go.

  7. ANNIHILATE THE NIP FAT!! :bruce1:

  8. no offense, but if your at 17 percent you still have a little ways to go. I applaud your previous losses, keep on truckin man

  9. oh i know. but im mostly talking of just the nip fat when i say one month. i've got some napalm that i put on sometimes... i basically forget i have it.

  10. Get some vitex, I hear its good for puffy nips.


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