What not to take while on cycle??

  1. What not to take while on cycle??

    I know this may sound dumb but for newbies like myself and i am sure many others. I was just wondering if there is any common medications, painkillers and such that should absolutely be avoided at all costs while on a cycle of PH, for example M-drol????

  2. Anything hard on the liver. I'd avoid Tylenol at all costs. Alcohol too.

  3. def.avoid alcohol!

  4. Anything that has a 17AA or methyl group: Avoid alcohol and acetaminophen. And for god's sake get some of that Cycle Support stuff especially for the latter. At the very least, 1g of milk thistle a day and a lot of Red Yeast Rice extract, Omega 3s, etc. This is not to be taken lightly! Methyls, especially when you stack them, are as hepatoxic as Anadrol-50 if not worse. And this is all assuming you're doing everything else right. Just more proof that by banning the tried and true stuff, the FDA is raising the statistical likelihood that people will hurt themselves. Personal responsibility and self-education comes into play heavily here - oh wait, no it doesn't, it merely SHOULD. I've made mistakes myself, check out my first few posts

    Non-methylated stuff (such as Furazadrol or Cyclotren): This stuff is comparatively easy on the liver. BUT. Proceed with caution and load up with milk thistle the day before or so if you plan on drinking. Play it safe. Otherwise, you are probably good.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by stratus View Post
    Proceed with caution and load up with milk thistle the day before or so if you plan on drinking. Play it safe. Otherwise, you are probably good.
    load up on milk thistle? no way dude. he should not be drinking alcohol at all if he's on cycle with anything even if it is non-methyl.

    but neways, alcohol, tylenol as previously stated..... don't smoke crack, can't smoke pot, can't jump on a trampoline..sorry had to throw in a line from Knocked Up of the giant list of things you can't do lol

  6. Ias advil alright to take on? Ive been running H-drol for 3 weeks and my one shoulder is killing me!

  7. Had serious pains in my arm joints while on h-drol. Cissus did the trick for me.

  8. I agree try cissus and mega dose fish oil.
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.

  9. no alcohol? mannnnnnnnn


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