1. 7aa-Methyl-4OHN

    This was posted by size over at bb.com. What does everyone think.

    Just thought this was an interesting methylated substance that I read about today. Thought some of you might want to know about it simply as another alternative and with the success that some have had with methyl 1 test.

    Methyl-4OHN is a "legal" compound that is comparable to aanavar. My knowledge about it is very limited but I thought it was rather interesting what I did read about it.

    Here is the info sheet:

    7aa-OHN is a legal hormone
    it is most equivalent to oxandrolone in effect at a potency of about 10x on a per mg basis
    ie. 5mg 7a-OHN= ~50mg Oxandrolone

    Got this info from instynct999 , who is very up to date on these matters.

    I have not used this nor do i know anyone who ahs but if it is anything close to anavar I will probably give it a chance.


  2. BUMP!

  3. anyone know why he is not accepting credit cards. Is it because the site is not complete. I do not feel comfortable sending cash.

  4. I would wait for a cheaper source....

  5. Hmm who could that be?



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