Superdrol Question

  1. Superdrol Question

    Quick Question:

    First run of the original Superdrol for me @ 30mg a day. Planning to run it for about 3 weeks.

    I'm on day 7 and haven't really seen anything yet beyond feeling the mild back pumps I have read about...and maybe some placebo strength.

    At what point did it begin kicking in for you guys?


    Lifting for 13 years
    Eating lots of clean food...maybe 3k - 4k calories a day. High EFA's

    6'1" 235
    Maybe 16%-18% BF

    Thanks in advance for the help!

  2. u started off at 30mg?? thats insane. superdrol is a very VERY potent methylated steriod.

    but id say give it a couple more days and it should kick-in

  3. 30 is way too high. Most don't go over 10.

  4. i used 30 mg the last 9 days of my bridge and it wasnt that bad. i dont get those back pumps either,

    but it should kick in by day 9 or 10

  5. To start at 30mg was not a good move. Please tell me your using support supps and have a real good pct setup. At 30mg for 7 days you should be feeling something.
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