Newb needing help to plan out a cycle

  1. Newb needing help to plan out a cycle

    Ok so a little background. I did a cycle of winnie, been off it about 14 weeks maybe a little longer and like an idiot i didnt do any pct cause i didnt know what i was doing. Did a 6 week cycle and like everyone says its bad on your joints so i did have some issues since ive gotten off with minor injuries. My wrist been bothering me and shoulder. Starting to wonder if i have gyno cause one of my nipples is a little swolen and hard for about three weeks. But im thinking about doing a second cycle, probably winnie again and want to do it the right way. What im trying to achieve is to gain about 5-10lbs of lean muslce. Im about 5'9" 175lbs right now, dont really know about my body fat percentage but prob about 13%. What should i do??

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    What should i do??

    do A LOT of research. theres plenty of threads around here that will help. u should have known a winny only was a horrible idea.

  3. I would not run winny solo back to back. Go to a different compound IMO.
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  4. whinny wont give you gyno your fine.

    what are your stats, age weight , height b.f ?

  5. 25yrs old 5' 10" 175lbs. body fat about 13-15%



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