Cheapest research chems.

  1. Cheapest research chems.

    Where are they right now.

    I know i know power nutriton offers flavored research chems at good prices blah blah blah.

    im broke.

  2. Power Nutrition
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    We have lowered our price to $40 for the flavored research chems. Thats a darn good deal. If you've tried the chems from our competitors, you will really appreciate the fact that ours are flavored.


  3. I will bump that for damn sure.. flavoring helps

  4. Hey bro, their research chems are top notch, good quality too. The flavoring will make you feel lucky if you've tried unflavored Nolva in the past LOL.

  5. thing is i dont mind unflavored nolva that much. try spooning GT extract in your mouth, now thats nasty.

    Powernutrition no doubt offers quality products at quality prices.

  6. I would be concerned about quality and accurate dosing rather than price.

  7. as been said many many can you put a price on post cycle treatments...I don't see the logic in going cheap in any aspect of what we do. if we are going to do things which mess around with the hormones in our body then we sure as hell should do it the right way the first time...just my opinion

  8. nothing wrong on needing a deal has a great deal ...but we've all been short on cash before.......


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