Help w/ H-drol

  1. Help w/ H-drol


    I'm a long ways off from doing any of this but I just ordered 2 bottles of epi and a bottle of H-drol (60 x 25mg).

    What do you guys think I should do with the H-drol (when I do use it) - stack with epi, bridge from epi, or what? Just run it as a straight 4 week cycle?

    What proportions if I stack or bridge with/from epi?


  2. Conwict...whats up brother.....

    My honest them seperate

    Definetly if it is your first or second PH cycle.

    Just my 2 cents

  3. Thanks. I have seen some logs of good results with 50-50-50-50 anyway so I will just cool my jets and do that when the time comes.

    Currently in week 2 of epi pulse, so far 10-20-30/30-30, tomorrow (Friday, leg day) I go up to 40. Results so far are great in strength and lean gains, up about 3 least..and leaning out. Good to know I respond well to this substance since I just ordered 2 more bottles

  4. currently im taking h-drol
    im 5 days into my cycle and noticing increasin in stength
    but for your question i would run then seperate

  5. I would suggest running them seperate. Also I and many other users have had the best results using H-Drol for 6 weeks as the gains start coming on around week 3.

    This was my H-Drol/Prostan cycle:
    50/50/75/75/100/100 - H-Drol (CEL)
    75/100/100/150/200/200 - Prostanozol (AX)

    Not suggesting that for you though.

    I'd do something like 50/50/75/75/75 if it was my first cycle as long as everything else is on point, like diet, support supps, training, and PCT.


  6. Not good to run 2 methyls at a time if you wanted to stack something with h-drol or epi look into non methyls like bold or Furazadrol or Propadrol. Make sure your running good support and a good pct.
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.!/TeamAISports

  7. Thanks guys. I appreciate the help. I might get another bottle of H-drol when the time comes or I might not. I have read about some good results from four week cycles of 50/50/50/50, and it isn't like I can't gain without why push it you know?

    I think the half bottle of epi after this pulse, the 2 more bottles of epi, and the bottle of h-drol will easily last through this year and probably next...don't plan on doing this stuff much but it has been productive so far.


    PS I have enough SERM for all this stuff too. Just doing my homework in advance

    PPS If I have some extra cash, considering that I have 2.5 bottles of epi, 2 60mlx20mg bottles of TCit, and 1 bottle of H-drol...what else should I stock up on if I have spare cash? I am just trying to get this stuff squared away for the long term in case it gets put on lists.

  8. i ran both together!
    epi 40 40 40 40 40 40
    h50 50 50 75 100 100 100
    and it was so bad but then again i was 225 when i ran it at 6ft so im a big (muscular) dude but i loved the cycle
    the only advice i got is u must preload life support by a.i.

  9. btw ur joints will hate u alot!!!


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