british dragon gear

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    british dragon gear

    all the british dragon stuff u see on the web... the enanthate with the BD label and the green top. is that stuff legit?

  2. i would be cautious about bd products....the company went under awhile of the most faked as of recent

  3. pdigs........... have you ever researched any of this stuff?(serious)

  4. They stopped production a long time ago so be very careful.

  5. some bd is legit if made before ~05-06~ past that its prob a ugl fronting as bd or fake.

  6. some other producer uses the BD name. yes, it is REAL gear....but it is counterfeit meaning the original producers no longer produce it.

    there is also fake sh!t floating around. my suggestion would be to get something else if u have the option

  7. I thought so, yet i see alot of threads on other forums of people getting bd tbol in and it being legit. As far as Tbol goes the only other I could find is Thai Phoenix turanabol but they are white and many people are claiming them to be var.

  8. thai tbol are around if u kno wher 2 look. liquid tbol is also a good option its never dun me wrong. as far as bd goes if its from a reputable supplier i wouldnt wury


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