what would be the best p.h for first timers?

  1. what would be the best p.h for first timers?

    what would be the best choices for first timers. people that have been working out for a year or so without p.h's.
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  2. With such an ambiguous question like that, nothing is recommended. Seriously.

    It's synonymous to asking at random, "What car should I get?". Such a question will yield nothing but random opinions on makes and models, most of which may not even pertain to what you're interested in.

    I recommend that you give a little more info on what you're looking for and why and who this fictitious "first timer" is (stats, lifting experience, etc. the usual BS).

    Good luck,


  3. random post bro. like papa said, we need more info in order to provide any help.
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  4. oops!sry!

    thanks for the heads up!

  5. tell us about your stats and goals papapumpsd said it best, thats such an ambiguous question.

  6. It really depends on your goals and where you're at. Sometimes you won't even require a PH for particular goals.

  7. Anabolis minds and it's contingency rule. Always honest answers and genuine concern.
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