my m1t cycle

  1. my m1t cycle

    alright, ill jump right to it

    --10mg day, taking it middle of day about 2 hours after lunch.
    --3 protein shakes a day; nectar while working out (personally i found this to work real well), and 1 optimum in morning and 1 at night.
    --3 solid food meals daily.

    days 1-5
    --no sides except little bit of lethargy after taking it
    --no extreme pumps
    --on day 5 before working out i had a buddy comment on how big my arms are; then another one 10 minutes later asked if i got done working arms because my arms looked "jacked"
    --weight up 3.5-4 lbs. no water

    days 6-7
    --starting getting a little bit lower back ache; nothing major at all
    --pumps are unreal now; it doesnt matter what body part im lifting, i feel a pump throughout body just about
    --did some sprint work, and legs even got a pump
    --lethargy gone-->pretty cool huh
    --up a solid 6 lbs, and getting that "tight" look. thats the only word that describes it.
    --did arms on day 6, and wow! the definition and size i got was just awsome while i was lifting. getting some looks by the ladies in the gym when i would walk by
    --day 7 did legs. felt my strength today go up.

    a little x-tra info:
    --started cycle last saturday and will finish next friday
    --will do another cycle last week of november and first week of december.
    --NO loss of appetite, sometimes i wonder if its gone up

    any questions ill be willing to answer.

  2. good luck and keep us posted. What does your pct look like?

  3. keep us updated on gains made in total and gains kept. what pct are ya hittin

  4. any questions ill be willing to answer.
    What is your ATM card number and pin number?
    Have you ever gotten wood while watching a Richard Simmons video?

    Seriously, it's good to see someone with the discipline and forethought to start off and keep at 10 mg per day after learning from the experiences of others. Keep us posted.


  5. What were your Cals? And you only used 10 Mgs a Day The Whole Cycle?

  6. I plan on doing my m1t in late Dec/early Jan. And positive posts like these reinforce the idea of only 10mg/day is FINE. thanks for the info and keep us updated.

  7. Yeah I Think 10 Is Good, But 20 Is What I am Reading Is Preferred. So im Upping to 20 w/ about 1000Mgs of Milk Thistle.

  8. personally, the first 2 weeker id definately keep it to 10mg and see the gains you are getting. then, you can always go from there on the second 2 weeker--although ill probably stick with 10mg again.

    as far as cals go, im eatin a pretty clean 3500.

    and lastly, ive been gettin some pretty good mornin woods lately

  9. What do your Solid Food Meals look Like? If you are Eating 3500 W/ 3 Shakes the Meals must Be Pretty Stout.

  10. yea, lots of meat and potatoes, and i do mean lots.
    about 8oz of meat at each meal--except breakfast than i go with egg whites, and lots of them
    and lots of potatoes or whole grain rice--for me the rice has worked out real well.

  11. Do you Incorporate Oatmeal and Sweet Potatoes?

  12. when i can i deffinately incorporate those 2. i found that i like wheat bread as well.

  13. Wheat Bread Is Great!

  14. ok guys only 5 days left on the first two-weeker. let me tell ya, this stuff is great only thing is, about 2-3 days i started get the whole lower back pain. its kinda of a dull ache feeling. appetite suppression a little bit startin 2 days ago, but im still trying to cram.

  15. linedrive- What are your stats?

    I am planning on going 10mg for 2 weeks soon. I know many people are staying at 10mg, but i wonder if bodyweight matters much. I'll still use 10mg the first 2 weeker, but no sure if that will turn out to be enough. I am 6', 215lb at about 10% bf.

    I am actually gonna stack with LGP 1T OHT at 2 squirts/day instead of straight 4ad. I figure it has enough 4ad in it & the OHT can help offset sides too. Plus I already have it.


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