no pct my body crashed!!!

  1. no pct my body crashed!!!

    i did a test and tren cycle for 4 months being srupid i did no pct ive lost 12 pounds and alot of strength and ive been breaking out bad. ive been off cycle for about a month how long till my natural testosterone starts going again and i gain some weight back? and how long till i can jump back on and do it right this time?

  2. 4 months? good god man. you need a test booster badly. look into TNT if its back in stock. i'd run it till its gone, from there don't expect to cycle again for another 6 months. use that time to learn about proper pct, which is in the PCT section as a sticky (first few posts).

    in the meantime, don't drink. add a lot of cholesterol into your diet, buy the TNT stack, and go from there.

    next time, i hope you'll be much more careful with your cycle.

  3. get some hcg 5000 ug to try and kick start them they must be the size of peanuts. 6 months you would be luck i would be thinking more a year to 18 months. not to mention the gyno on cycle. and your only 180 pounds you must have ran a low dose

  4. Oh jeeze no, jeeze...

    Your body will be in a very delicate/weird state. I would also think hCG would be a good route.

    Maybe go see a doc and get some tests....

  5. I would see a doctor. Clomid restart may help.

  6. Tren shuts you down hard. What tyoe of test did you run? I would still do pc. You can still benefit from it.


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