Kinda scared.. Stupid mistake, need some advice.

  1. Kinda scared.. Stupid mistake, need some advice.

    Alright. Well this was my first shot today.. 1cc test E, used a 1inch pin into my quad. Problem is, I forgot to aspertate.

    I know I know stupid... There was a little blood on my skin when I pulled it out, but not much.

    After though I felt very light headed... Laid down on my couch and apparently passed out and as my friends told me had a minor seizure? I was apparently shaking unconcious with my eyes open for like 2 secs..

    My buddy came up and said are you ok then I 'woke up' and said I'm fine, and I now feel fine.

    So, what does this mean? I've only had a similar feeling once after I got my first tattoo.. But I didn't shake...

    So basically my question is: Am I gonna be ok at this point? Or should I be seeking medical attention?

    As in if I'm fine now, could this cause damage like 5 days down the road if I did inject into a vein? Thanks.

  2. Maybe you have some kind of anxiety disorder with needles. If you feel fine now, you should be ok. Make sure you aspirate next time. I take it you dont have a history of seizures.

  3. if u hit a vein u would have known in about two minutes. the juice goes to your heart then ur lungs where it gets stuck until u cough it up. the lightheadedness is common for your first coupla sticks, it will go away. I threw up the first time i did it, scared the hell outa me...thought i killed myself. but it was just anxziety. u are fine. be more carefull next time tho. u are sticking a needle in yourself, there is no room to be forgetting stuff.

  4. Ive got to agree with the guys above...chances of any real damage are very slim, but you better get your protocol down or you'll wind up with other issues down the road...


  5. air in the viens is the only thing that comes to mind, we all learn from our mistakes.. have fun

  6. Re:

    Ya I know, it was pretty dumb.

    It was just a momentary memory lapse or something? It was in me and I just injected it in heh... Damn, but ya I feel fine and I never coughed or anything. I assume I'm fine.

    Thanks a lot guys.


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