No Methyl 1-Test on PowerNutrition Website??

  1. No Methyl 1-Test on PowerNutrition Website??

    Why when I look on the PowerNutrition website does nothing come up for the M1T? Under the Meso Labs link just some 4ad no M1T and I've seen posts stating they are carrying it as well as an email i recieved saying they were carrying that and 2 new M1T's from different companies soon to be carried?

    I did click on a link somewhere i remember in a post here and it came up on the powernutrition website but for whatever reason when u go to look for it its not there.

  2. Don't worry bro, I think they just sent the word out on M1T today. It should be up soon enough

    here's what they sent to me via email

    Meso Labs M-1-T
    10 mg x 80 tablets
    AMT M-1-T (available soon)
    5 mg x 60 tablets
    R.G. Nutrition M-1-T (available soon)
    10 mg x 90 capsules

  3. yep

    Yeh man I got the same email. It was just a lil strange because it cant be found but I did click on a posts link on here which brought me to the powernutrition website page with that new M1T. Advanced Science or whatever. I closed the window on accident and just went back to and went to that companies link and no products?? kinda weird i thought. Maybe they are just messing with the site right now I dunno
  4. Power Nutrition
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    Sorry about the confusion. It just takes a little time to get all the products loaded. The product is now on the site.

    Here is the link:****11

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