what to use for cutting at the end of a test e cycle

  1. what to use for cutting at the end of a test e cycle

    hey guys...any suggestions

  2. was thinking maybe tren

  3. if by cutting u mean hardening....then i would suggest winstrol.

  4. ok thanks mate. i hav gone off the idea of tren as im not sure of doing to for 10ish weeks. winny sounds good

  5. Nice rep! Maybe you should come talk some more sh*t in my thread!

  6. The addition of either an anabolic or an androgen at the end of a cycle, wont promote "cutting".....If you are already lean as hell, and somewhat dry, there are some things that will give you a "hard" look...halotestin is fantastic in that regards....the problem is, coming off a test cycle, the user is very likely to be carrying additional water, in which case, your lines will still be blurred no matter what...


  7. i use clenbuterol during pct you cant beat it, not a fan of whinny, and the times i have used it it was only for a couple of weeks and thats about all the efect you will get out of it in my opinion


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