Anavar and Epistane combo!

  1. Anavar and Epistane combo!

    Hi all

    what are your thoughts on anavar 80mg + Epistane 30mg ED for use as a lean bulk?

    PCT will be nolvadex 20/20/10/10 and i will also get sustain alpha and possibly toco-8 from primodial performance to help with recovery

    hoping to gain about 10lbs and lose a few in body fat

  2. a lean bulk- that might be hard with anavar and epi mate

  3. whys that? i figured they were both good for putting on lean mass?

  4. you could give it a go, anavar isn't to bad on the liver just stay under 50mgs a day, i dont know anything about epistane but it might not be a bad little combo,

  5. if you are gonna take 80 mg of Var be prepared to not be able to eat ANYTHING!! killed my appetite at 50 mg ..i use it soley for cutting and it works incredibly well.

  6. Anavar is used mainly for cutting, not for bulking.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by dg806 View Post
    Anavar is used mainly for cutting, not for bulking.

    Could not agree more.
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