just starting out

  1. just starting out

    Hey hows everybody doing out there?...I recently decided it was time to get back into shape, but this time I'm going to be getting a little help...I have 100 tabs of Anadrol 25, 20ml of sustanon 250, and 20ml of Deca 300(nandralone decanate)all made by USP...I am wondering how long of a cycle should I be doing? I've been told 6,8,10 weeks.Since its my first time I was thinking 6 would be a bit much....Is this even a good stack?...I am 6'4 230lbs and looking to lose a bit on my mid section and bulk up.I should probly be taking some clen with this right?...What do you's think? I'll be working out with some pretty intense lifters and there the ones telling me to go over the top? Is this a little overboard for my first cycle?What should I be eating and what should I try to stay away from?...I've been told by a couple people that this is the site to go to for advice...I would appriciate any that you could give me...thanks

  2. everyone is going to chime in to tell you that if you are just coming back to lifting you should not use AAS right away. diet and hard work go a long way.

    How long have you been out of the gym?

    Sust is 4 different esters of test. Test is usually run 10-12 weeks as is the Deca. I don't think a 6 week cycle of test/deca is worth it. The test/deca takes about two weeks to start to work. (although the test prop. will work faster.)

    make sure you get your buddies to hook you up with a SERM for PCT.

    You should poke around this site and research a bit before you attempt any cycle. There's plenty of people that posted before that have cycles outlined.

  3. I'm uber jealous of your sus250. gave me the best gains so far

  4. you are looking to slim down your waist with test/deca/abombs? interesting approach. I don't think you lift much or should really be doing these, but if you go ahead with it, do a bulk.

  5. If you're looking to lose weight, those are horrible options....

    Sustanon truly needs to be run for around 10 weeks or so...its going to take about 4 weeks to get your blood levels peaked, and really be rolling...Deca is going to be very similiar as far as length of time it takes to get rolling. Anadrol is horrendous...unless you are looking to just move some really heavy weight, its going to make you miserable...you'll put on water weight that will make you look like a moon man, and then lose the majority of it when you come off...

    I dont think its a really good idea for you to engage in steroid activity right now, but if you are, here is what I would do...

    500mgs of sustanon for 10 weeks....you can split it up into two injects of 1cc each...maybe do one on Monday, and the other on Thursday...save the other stuff for later...




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